The team “IIT – DU” of Dhaka University from Google Developer Group Dhaka’s last DevFest Hackathon won “Service Innovation Fund” second round award. The “Ma o Shishu” app of the team which won the fund was also a winner of the same hackathon. [Photo: Shafayet Chowdhury] The “Service Innovation Fund” is a risk/opportunity fund by UNDP & Access to Information, Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh. By winning this fund the […]

A very good news for Bangladeshi bloggers. Google Adsense now supports wire transfer in Bangladesh. That means you don’t have to wait long for checks. Google Country consultant for Bangladesh, Kazi Monirul Kabir bhai posted this today in his Facebook. Post by Kazi Monirul Kabir.

“Service Innovation Fund” application for second round will start from today. It is an Access to Information (a2i) – Prime Minister’s Office’s initiative to take service at doorstep. The 2nd round of applications will be accepted from 20 October 2013 till 21 November 2013 as per the a2i website. If you are planning to submit your idea you can see the 1st round winners and shape your idea to match a2i’s expectations. • […]

facebook is on it’s way to became the next Twitter. After @mentions, verified profile and hashtags now you can see trending list in it. The trending list is at the right sidebar and shows 5 topics from worldwide trends. The topics are linked to some kind of url which shows a dedicated page for that topic, for example: iOS 7 is linked to In that page there is […]

In Bangladesh we got major public exams now: PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC. Every time the time of result publication comes people started to find how to get the results before it gets published officially. And thanks to our talented board engineers, every time someone finds a way to get results before hand. Today I saw this technique to get the results from school/college’s official education board mailbox in a […]

Facebook started rooling out it’s new #Hashtag feature for user. After Using it for a day I thought to do some experiments. And after the experiment here is the result that you must know before using hashtags like a social media marketer or a normal use. #Hashtags can be of 1 character to 101 characters long ! #Hashtags in comment doesn’t show up in search Language is not a barrier […]

Mahasen, a tropical cyclone with wind speed approx. 93km/h while hitting, is going to hit Bangladesh, Myanmar and possibly India Today. Govt. of the respective countries already took initiatives of lessen the harm. List of Sources Here are list of sources that will keep you updated about the cyclone. Bangladesh Cyclone Shelters Cyclone Shelter Information Database Google Indian Ocean Crisis Map Volunteers’ List Bangladesh Meteorological Department Warnings

Wake up Mappers ! Google is going to launch a new interface for Google Maps. In the new interface there will be no sidebar and will display everything on top of the full-screen map.   One of the new features lets you restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or your Google+ circles. Google has also updated map colors, icons, text styles. If you use Google Maps […]

Groups flooding with non-sense posts, enormous image tags, stupid message on chat: if your are a regular Facebook user with good number of groups subscription this is not unknown to you. New and inexperienced user came to Facebook , click on stupid links and make our life painful. So this guide is for users who just landed to Facebook from zombie-land or who had accounts but merely logged into it. […]

Govt. of Bangladesh has blocked two most powerful social media of the country, Facebook and Twitter. This happen when International Crimes Tribunal, which was set up for punishing the war criminals of 1971, was going to announce its verdict against war criminal Delwar Hussain Saidi. Delwar Hussain Saidi is also a leader of Jamate Islami, a Islamic party which opposed the Independence of the nation back in 1971. This is […]