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Poster for The Impostors (1998).


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Poster for episode Happy Days Are Here Again.

Happy Days Are Here Again

Senator candidate Kyle Williams' lover is killed after she threatens to reveal their affair. His speechwriter admits to him that he was the murderer, but threatens to frame him unless he cooperates.

Poster for episode Fatal Attraction (1).

Fatal Attraction (1)

Carson Warfield is having an affair with his stepmother, and together they kill his father and frame a thief who used to work for them. When things don't add up McCabe gets suspicious, and starts nosing around.

Poster for episode Fatal Attraction (2).

Fatal Attraction (2)

Carson Warfield is having an affair with his stepmother, and together they kill his father and frame a thief who used to work for them. When things don't add up McCabe gets suspicious, and starts nosing around.

Poster for episode Laura.


Jake's former partner is killed by his fiancée in an alley. She blames the murder on a Latin kid she saw stealing a VCR just before she pulled the trigger.

Poster for episode The Man That Got Away.

The Man That Got Away

A wealthy lawyer kills his ex-wife's new man and frames her for the murder. She is arrested, and he takes the job of being her lawyer.

Poster for episode Love for Sale.

Love for Sale

A call girl discovers that her pimp uses her to smuggle drugs. She contacts McCabe, but is killed just as they meet.

Poster for episode Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?.

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

For some time David Thompson has gone out and killed bums, so that the police believe a serial killer is loose. Then when he lures his brother to an alley and kills him the same way, he won't be a suspect.

Poster for episode Body and Soul.

Body and Soul

"Mad" Marvin Michaels, the owner of an electronics store, is killed, and ex-con Bradford Long is the main suspect. McCabe assigns the case to the cop Karen Stetson, whose father was killed by Long.

Poster for episode The Man I Love.

The Man I Love

Glen Latimer pushes his newly married rich wife Nancy of their boat, but she survives and is brought to a hospital. She is unsure if it was just an accident, so Jake goes befriends Glen posing as Nancy's brother.

Poster for episode Love Me Or Leave Me.

Love Me Or Leave Me

Ed Galvin escapes while he is being transported to prison, after threatening the life of McCabe and Andy Harmon (the cop who arrested him) during his trial.

Poster for episode Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

A burglar kills a woman and blinds her nurse before fleeing. The police catch him, but have to let him go because the nurse can't identify him. When she is scheduled for an operation that could restore her eyesight, they fear he'll try to kill her.

Poster for episode Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

One of the deputy DAs finally gets her first murder case when a man she was investigating for skipping alimony payments turns up dead.

Poster for episode After You've Gone.

After You've Gone

Jake spots the hit man Sagittarius at the airport and follows him, but he spots Jake and is fatally wounded in the following gunfight. Jake takes his place to try to find out who the target was.

Poster for episode It Had to Be You.

It Had to Be You

Leslie Randall, a former PR manager for McCabe is raped. The rapist, a psychiatrist, frames one of his patients with an anonymous tip to the police.

Poster for episode But Not for Me.

But Not for Me

A known mob man is killed in the home of star reporter Candace Morgan. She says he was shot through the window while she was interviewing him, but McCabe gets suspicious when there is one too many bullets.

Poster for episode What Is This Thing Called Love?.

What Is This Thing Called Love?

A man takes a courtroom hostage - with Derek and McCabe in it.

Poster for episode Lady, Be Good.

Lady, Be Good

A friend of McCabe is murdered just as he is about to fake his own death so his wife can collect a 4.5 million-dollar life insurance.

Poster for episode I'll Be Seeing You.

I'll Be Seeing You

A small time crook comes to McCabe offering to testify against the crime boss O'Rourke, after laying low for ten years. McCabe is suspicious, but is more than willing to go along with anything that can get O'Rourke behind bars.

Poster for episode Babyface.


The daughter of the wealthy Amos Banning arranges her own kidnapping, and murders her accomplice once she has the ransom.

Poster for episode Blues in the Night.

Blues in the Night

Jennifer Wilding gets a surprise when her identical twin sister turns up wanting to resume their previous partnership - one steals jewelry and the other provides an alibi.

Poster for episode How Long Has This Thing Been Going On?.

How Long Has This Thing Been Going On?

A friend of Jake, Matthew Hammond, is having an affair with a rich lady. They decide to marry, but when she asks her husband for a divorce, he kills her and frames Hammond.

Poster for episode I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans.

I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans

A former cop who is now a crime writer commits a clever murder so that he can write a book about it that is likely to become a best seller.

Poster for episode Rhapsody in Blue.

Rhapsody in Blue

Ned Covington and his wife plan to kill his boss, Phil Duncan, when he is passed over for promotion, but they kill another employee by mistake. Realizing this they try to frame Duncan for the murder.

Poster for episode Wish You Were Here (1).

Wish You Were Here (1)

Jake goes to Hawaii to visit a longtime friend, John Graney, but finds him dead when he arrives. Meanwhile McCabe resigns his position as district attorney and decides to move to Hawaii.

Poster for episode Wish You Were Here (2).

Wish You Were Here (2)

Jake continues trying to find Graney's murderer, now while under suspicion of John's partner's murder.

Poster for episode I'll Never Smile Again.

I'll Never Smile Again

A tourist tries to stop a mugging, but he is grabbed from behind and the mugger stabs him. When the police arrive, the tourist is still alive, but the mugger is dead from a bullet wound and on the ground lies a gun used to kill several muggers. The third man is nowhere to be seen.

Poster for episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Jake investigates a robbery of a transportation company, and gets involved with its owner.

Poster for episode Why Can't You Behave?.

Why Can't You Behave?

A friend of McCabe, senator Brandauer, is killed in a plane crash, and investigation reveals it was no accident. The plane had substandard parts bought in a deal brokered by McCabe's son, Daniel.

Poster for episode Poor Butterfly.

Poor Butterfly

Jake goes after a pimp, who killed a prostitute who was to testify against him.

Poster for episode It Ain't Necessarily So.

It Ain't Necessarily So

A burglar surprises Wallace Cogan, a publisher of adult magazines, and his wife Marina when they are returning home from a holiday. He kills Marina, but is wounded by Cogan before he gets away.

Poster for episode Someone to Watch Over Me.

Someone to Watch Over Me

A young woman is found dead on the beach from a drug overdose. The immediate suspect is her ex-boyfriend, Sonny, so Jake goes pick him up for questioning. But a mysterious gunman is also interested in Sonny, and tries to kill him before Jake can get to him.

Poster for episode They Can't Take That Away from Me.

They Can't Take That Away from Me

Jake and two friends participate in a drug bust that goes sour. The next day those friends are found dead - killed by a shotgun blast while they were in their car at the docks.

Poster for episode Side by Side.

Side by Side

McCabe and the son of a friend go fishing, and discover a bomb on the their boat. Unable to disarm it they jump in the sea and swim to a nearby island. Meanwhile Jake and Derek presume they're dead, and go looking for the bomber.

Poster for episode Snowfall.


The Secret Service gets help from Jake in catching a money counterfeiter, who trades his product for cocaine. It becomes personal for Jake when a friend is killed during a failed raid.

Poster for episode I Only Have Eyes for You.

I Only Have Eyes for You

A newly released convict starts terrorizing the woman who witnessed against him. She goes to McCabe for help, who was prosecutor who put him in jail.

Poster for episode The Lady in Red.

The Lady in Red

Ed Delaney, an ex-cop and an old friend of McCabe, is killed when he comes close to solving "The Lady in Red" Murder - a 20-year-old unsolved murder case that got him fired from the police.

Poster for episode Easy to Love.

Easy to Love

Jake and Stg. Danoho (a LAPD cop) are transporting a prisoner to Los Angeles, when the prisoner escapes and Danoho is killed. Danoho's partner, Sgt. Walker, goes to Hawaii to assist in the investigation and it turns out there's bad blood between her and Jake.

Poster for episode The Way You Look Tonight.

The Way You Look Tonight

A young lady is acquitted for killing her mother, and wants to hire Jake privately to find the killer. Jake turns it down because he's on his way to a vacation, but then McCabe refuses to let him take any days off. So Jake quits his job and takes the assignment.

Poster for episode Dancing in the Dark.

Dancing in the Dark

A cat burglar robs a hotel while McCabe is hosting a district attorney convention there. The immediate suspect is Harry McGuinn, a recently released cat burglar. He insists that he is innocent, and tries to help Jake solve the robbery.

Poster for episode It All Depends on You.

It All Depends on You

Derek gets his first case - a drunk driver who assaulted a police officer. But the driver is a powerful man, and suddenly Derek's main witness lies and the judge dismisses the case.

Poster for episode Out of Nowhere.

Out of Nowhere

Jake and the FBI go after Victor Potemkin, a suspected drug smuggler. But when they raid his house they find no drugs, but Jake finds someone he knows - a woman who disappeared overnight just as he was about to propose to her.

Poster for episode Sweet Leilani.

Sweet Leilani

An unknown girl washes up on a beach murdered, and a friend of McCabe, the newspaper columnist Leilani Simons, takes an unusual interest in the case.

Poster for episode My Shining Hour.

My Shining Hour

Jake helps out the actor, Tom Cody, who played his childhood idol - the Skyhawk. Tom has been reduced to an alcoholized, broke veteran plane pilot, and no one believes him when he witnesses a murder.

Poster for episode Long Ago and Far Away.

Long Ago and Far Away

Judge Smithwood starts receiving death threats after sentencing a young man to 20 years for rape. And a mysterious man in an army captain uniform steals a high precision sniper rifle from a local military base.

Poster for episode What Child is This?.

What Child is This?

It's Christmas, and pregnant young lady is on the run from two mobsters. Gertrude makes a surprise visit to McCabe, and helps with the Christmas celebration.

Poster for episode In the Still of the Night.

In the Still of the Night

Derek gets Jake to look into things, when the sister of a good friend is arrested for possession of drugs. She says they were planted by her mother-in-law, who is angry with her son for trying to take control of the family company, and at her for marrying him.

Poster for episode You Turned the Tables on Me.

You Turned the Tables on Me

After several failed raids on mafia boss Everett Ashford, it appears the PA's office has a leak. Evidence starts to point to Leigh Perry, a rising star in the PA's office and the head of the organized crime division.

Poster for episode One More for the Road.

One More for the Road

Derek collides with a pedestrian on his way home from a beach party. When the man dies, Derek is charged with manslaughter.

Poster for episode Who's Sorry Now?.

Who's Sorry Now?

Nick Voss, a wanted criminal whose brother is about to be executed, kidnaps McCabe. Voss demands that his brother is released, or McCabe will share the same fate.

Poster for episode I'll Dance at Your Wedding.

I'll Dance at Your Wedding

Jake travels to Los Angeles to attend his sister's wedding. The groom has a shady past, but he swears it's all behind him. But then, why is he working for a local gangster?

Poster for episode My Buddy.

My Buddy

Jake catches a young girl picking his pocket. He tries to help her home, but she is very uncooperative. Meanwhile McCabe has problems with a murdered money counterfeiter.

Poster for episode By Myself.

By Myself

A rapist is loose, attacking single women in their homes. Meanwhile McCabe takes Max to the "Happy Dogs" class.

Poster for episode I Ain't Got No Body.

I Ain't Got No Body

A woman disappears when looking into her mother's death at a health resort. Jake and LA cop Karen Stetson go undercover at the resort, posing as a married couple.

Poster for episode Put Your Dreams Away.

Put Your Dreams Away

Jake is undercover on a plane transporting drugs, when his real identity is discovered. The pilot fatally wounds him, and jump out with the only parachute. From the control tower McCabe tries to keep Jake conscious by talking about their previous adventures while the plane flies toward the airport.

Poster for episode If I Didn't Care.

If I Didn't Care

Jake gets a visit from an old classmate with a heavy obligation - he must kill Jake Styles.

Poster for episode You're Driving Me Crazy.

You're Driving Me Crazy

McCabe prosecutes a man for murdering his wife, when the man's story about them being assaulted by gang members doesn't check out.

Poster for episode You Took Advantage of Me.

You Took Advantage of Me

Dr. Carmichael is charged with murdering his wife, but is given an alibi by her secretary. McCabe smells a rat and sends Jake undercover - getting a job as Carmichael's chauffeur.

Poster for episode My Heart Belongs to Daddy.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Jake and Derek negotiates with a slightly paranoid man who has evidence against a crocked oil company, while McCabe gets a visit from a young woman claiming to be his daughter.

Poster for episode Danny Boy.

Danny Boy

When a gang marks him for death, Daniel joins a group about to escape from the prison. To insure his cooperation the escapees frame him for murder.

Poster for episode Chinatown, My Chinatown.

Chinatown, My Chinatown

Jake investigates the murder of a journalist working in Chinatown. He gets help from Chinatown cop Tommy Min Tang, the son of the local godfather.

Poster for episode God Bless the Child.

God Bless the Child

Two siblings kill their parents when their father threatens to remove them from the will.

Poster for episode The Tender Trap.

The Tender Trap

Derek's uncle reveals he's about to get married. But Derek becomes suspicious because the bride is nearly half his uncle's age, and starts digging into her past.

Poster for episode Exactly Like You.

Exactly Like You

A friend of McCabe is killed execution style. A witness identifies Lyle Wicks as the murderer, and Wicks confesses. But several parts of his confession don't add up, so Jake continues the investigation.

Poster for episode 'Round Midnight.

'Round Midnight

Jake isn't very happy when his friend's Porsche is taken at gunpoint. He tracks down the robber, but holds off when he finds the carjacker associating with an infamous jewel thief. So posing as an alarm cracker, Jake goes undercover to find what their target is.

Poster for episode Only You.

Only You

Jake goes under cover investigating industrial espionage, trying to find the top man. Things get complicated when an acquaintance for LA comes to visit.

Poster for episode My Boy Bill.

My Boy Bill

A deputy PA is blackmailed into losing a case by kidnappers that have her son.

Poster for episode More Than You Know.

More Than You Know

Jake and McCabe are looking for a serial killer. A reporter who is interviewing McCabe, is asked to leave the room while Jake confers with him. She returns to finish the interview and after McCabe leaves she pulls out a tape recorder she left, and hears Jake tell McCabe that the killer always takes his victim's wedding ring. She then goes out and kills a woman and takes her wedding ring. While she appears to be another one of his victims, Derek notices a few inconsistencies, like he usually strikes on a particular day, and the hair color of his other victims were different from her. Jake eventually catches the killer, and they eventually suspect the woman's husband of killing her. They would discover that her and husband and the reporter were having an affair but he ended it when he chose to stay with his wife. When they suspect the reporter of the murder, they trick her into incriminating her by placing the wedding she took in his car but in reality they switched his license plates with that of a similar car.

Poster for episode Night and Day.

Night and Day

Jake and private investigator Casey Quinn go after her husband's murderer - suspected smuggler Peter LaMotta.

Poster for episode Goodbye (1).

Goodbye (1)

Jake gets in trouble with a group of crooked LA cops when he discovers a body in the water while fishing on Maui. They intercept Jake's call about the body, and hide it before dispatching someone to pick it up. Frustrated, Jake starts investigating the man who received his call about the body.

Poster for episode Goodbye (2).

Goodbye (2)

Jake is in LA and has to clear himself of murder charges.

Poster for episode I Know That You Know.

I Know That You Know

A woman is found murdered in her home after she surprised a burglar and triggered the alarm. The burglar is found and convicted for the murder, but McCabe thinks something is wrong and gets Jake to snoop around.

Poster for episode Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

McCabe is prosecuting Robert Burgess - a big crime boss, when his main witness is murdered on his way to court. Jake tracks down Burgess' ex-girlfriend, and has to bring her to court before the judge dismisses the case.

Poster for episode I May Be Wrong.

I May Be Wrong

A South African diplomat is killed by a car bomb with the mark of an extreme South African racist group know as "the Order of Blood" near by. South Africa sends a black cop to LA who immediately goes after Vanessa Kruger, the leader of a group allied with the Order.

Poster for episode Daddy's Home.

Daddy's Home

Jake is at his niece's christening, when his long lost father suddenly appears - after being gone for 27 years. It turns out he's in trouble after stealing $50,000 from his former employer.

Poster for episode I'm Gonna Live Till I Die.

I'm Gonna Live Till I Die

An accountant is witness to a murder, and is very keen on helping Jake out with the investigation. But a few days later he turns up at Jake's apartment wanting to report another murder - the murder of him...

Poster for episode Pretty Baby.

Pretty Baby

Cindy O'Malley, a friend of Jake's, is witness to a murder, but is spotted by the killer and he chases her and shoots her. McCabe & Co has to take care of her baby while they try to find her and the killer.

Poster for episode I Cover the Waterfront.

I Cover the Waterfront

Derek gets a visit from a childhood friend who is trying to turn his life around. The next day he's found dead, filled with drugs and alcohol. The police believe he killed himself, but Derek refuses to accept it.

Poster for episode You Don't Know Me.

You Don't Know Me

His wife and her lover Gregg Hatton remove Andrew Blane, a good friend of McCabe and head of Blane Electronics, from his position. The next day Hatton is killed in an explosion in his home.

Poster for episode It Never Entered My Mind.

It Never Entered My Mind

Dr. Sloan is charged with murdering hospital director Havilland, who was investigating him and two other doctors.

Poster for episode Second Time Around.

Second Time Around

McCabe sees a man supposed to have been murdered 5 years ago, and has Jake look into it.

Poster for episode I'd Do Anything.

I'd Do Anything

A psychiatrist is having an affair with a patient and her husband finds out and wants a divorce. So she manipulates her lover into killing him.

Poster for episode We'll Meet Again.

We'll Meet Again

McCabe is showing a school class around the courthouse, when a man dressed as clown tries to kill him with a shotgun. The man misses, but gets away. McCabe goes over past convictions to see witch of them might be the would-be assassin.

Poster for episode It's a Sin to Tell a Lie.

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

A priest is having an affair with a woman half his age, and becomes the prime suspect when she is murdered.

Poster for episode Nevertheless.


Todd Kurtin kills his wife in an alley, and makes it look like a mugger assaulted her. But the story doesn't convince McCabe, who prosecutes Kurtin - even though the case is weak.

Poster for episode Where or When (1).

Where or When (1)

PI Ed Delaney sees a man die and calls the police, but when they come for the body it is gone. He identifies the man as millionaire Richard Rose, who as it turns out, is still alive...

Poster for episode Where or When (2).

Where or When (2)

Jake goes undercover as a middle man between Rose and a rebel army wanting to buy Rose's hi-tech rifles, while Delaney finds proof that Rose isn't who he claims to be.

Poster for episode Street of Dreams.

Street of Dreams

A young graffiti painter witnesses a murder and takes the victim's wallet. Jake finds him, but he refuses to talk, figuring that if he could solve the case himself he'd get a reward.

Poster for episode I'll Never Be the Same.

I'll Never Be the Same

Jake kills a 14-year-old boy. He claims the boy had a gun and fired upon him, but no gun is found and the neighbors didn't hear anything.

Poster for episode I Could Write a Book.

I Could Write a Book

A writer is just about to publish an incriminating book about his ex-wife, when he is found dead in his bathtub.

Poster for episode Two Different Worlds.

Two Different Worlds

A woman follows a client of her sister's law firm, and sees him rob a store and kill the attendants. She confronts the man, and threatens to tell the police unless he kills her sister.

Poster for episode Every Time We Say Goodbye.

Every Time We Say Goodbye

A friend of Neely's is killed by a heroin overdose, just as she was about to quit modeling. Neely goes undercover as a model to find out why.

Poster for episode Come Along with Me.

Come Along with Me

Neely and Jake investigates a case where dead bodies are found with their livers surgically removed.

Poster for episode Last Dance.

Last Dance

McCabe is prosecuting Mitchell Lazarus for murder and has just placed him at the scene, when another man steps forward claiming to be the murderer.

Poster for episode Come Closer to Me.

Come Closer to Me

A trio of high-class pickpockets gets in trouble when they pick a mafia hitman's pocket and get a piece of paper with his next target on it.

Poster for episode Since I Fell for You.

Since I Fell for You

Derek is shocked when he finds out that a woman he loved didn't die in a plane crash 6 years ago.

Poster for episode Just You, Just Me.

Just You, Just Me

Jake helps out a shop owner who refuses to obey a local gang's order to close 3 hours early.

Poster for episode Stormy Weather (1).

Stormy Weather (1)

A porn producer is killed in a way quite similar to a murder 5 years ago for witch McCabe got a young boxer convicted. Jake investigates, and gets involved with a reporter who seems to know things before the police do.

Poster for episode Stormy Weather (2).

Stormy Weather (2)

Jake continues investigating the murders of Strobach and Blore, and evidence starts to point at Warren's old corner man Doug McKeown. But whom is he working for?

Poster for episode You'll Never Know.

You'll Never Know

A doctor is murdered, and is discovered to have been making child pornography. The prime suspect is Elliot Edwards, a city council member with a spotless record.

Poster for episode There'll Be Some Changes Made.

There'll Be Some Changes Made

A singer is planing to make a comeback after a year in drug rehab, when a stalker tries to kill her.

Poster for episode Pennies from Heaven.

Pennies from Heaven

Someone is giving out money to poor people or those who have done good deeds, using the name "the good fairy". But it turns out the faire's money is from a bank robbery.

Poster for episode I Can't Believe I'm Losing You.

I Can't Believe I'm Losing You

Jake's girlfriend Sherry is badly hurt by a car bomb, after Jake received a letter threatening to kill her for revenge against him. Devastated, he looks trough previous cases to see who the bomber could be.

Poster for episode All Through the Night.

All Through the Night

A psychiatrist who Neely helped put away 5 years ago stars harassing her after getting out of prison.

Poster for episode Ain't Misbehavin'.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Bondswoman Ethel Mae Haven has to track down a client who she posted a $1 million bail for.

Poster for episode Nightmare.


Jake teams up with top homicide cop Hank Goldman to catch a serial killer who strangles women from escort services.

Poster for episode Beautiful Dreamer (a.k.a. Mickey Daytona).

Beautiful Dreamer (a.k.a. Mickey Daytona)

Notorious New York cop Mickey Daytona pursues the legal counsel Thomas Chetwin suspecting him of rape. Jake, who is a friend of Mickey and his old father, reluctantly teams up with Mickey. Chetwin is trapped and commits suicide.